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Makkah Al Mukaramah (Mecca) is the heart of the Islamic world, the cradle of revelation and the holiest city in Islam. The city is the birthplace of Prophet Mohammed “Peace be upon him�? and it is here within the Great Mosque that the Ka’aba, the most sacred shrine of Islam, awaits the Muslim pilgrim in Hajj & Umrah.

Discover Makkah Al Mukaramah (Mecca), the most sacred land on earth and learn more about the religious and historical places you must visit during your Umrah.

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Places to Visit in Mecca


Makkah Clock Royal Tower
1. Jabal Al Nour (The Mountain of Light)
The mountain houses the famed Ghar Hira or Hira cave. The mountain is barely 640 m tall. It does however, take two hours to make it to the cave. The mount and the cave hold tremendous signicance for Muslims throughout the world.
Jabal Al Nour (The Mountain of Light)
Ghar Hira (Hira Cave)
2. Ghar Hira (Hira Cave)
Taking 1,200 walking steps to reach, the cave itself is about 3.7 m in length and 1.6 m in width. The cave is situated at a height of 270 m of Jabal Al Nour Mountain. During Hajj season an estimated of ve thousand pilgrims climb to the Cave of Hira daily to see the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the rst revelation of Quran.
3. Mount Arafat
Mount Arafat reaches about 70 m in height and is also known as the Mount of Mercy (Jabal ar-Rahmah). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood and delivered the Farewell Sermon to the Muslims who had accompanied him for the Hajj towards the end of his life.
Mount Arafat
Ghar Al Thawr (Cave of the Bull)
4. Ghar Al Thawr (Cave of the Bull)
Ghar Al Thawr is located in Al Thawr mountin. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companion Abu Bakr (RA) took refuge from the Quraish, during the migration to Al Madinah Al-Munawarah (Medina).
5. Masjid Aisha (RA)
Masjid Aisha, also known as Masjid at-Tan’eem marks the place where Ummul-Mu’mineen Aisha (RA) went to enter into Ihram for Umrah when the Prophet (PBUH) told her to do so during the farewell Hajj.
Masjid Aisha (RA)
6. Bay’ah Mosque
Also known as the Mosque of ‘Aqaba Hill. It was built at the request of Caliph Abu Ja’far al-Mansur in 2/761 at the site of al-Bay’ah, i.e. the place where the Prophet Muhammad metwith the Ansar (the supporters), and they took the pledge (‘Bay’ah’, hence the name).
Bay’ah Mosque
Hudaibiyah Mosque
7. Hudaibiyah Mosque
This is the place where the historic treaty of Hudaibiyah was signed by the Prophet (PBUH). It sits close to the Haram boundary. Today, a mosque marks the site, adjacent to which is an undated crumbling structure.
8. Aisha Al Rajhi Mosque
Can accommodate more than 47 thousand worshipers, which was built by businessman Sheikh Sulaiman Al Rajhi stood from his mother. Area of the mosque is estimated at 60,846 square meters.
Mecca Library
Mecca Museum
9. Mecca Museum
Highlights the cultural and historical dimensions of Mecca region, and to inform and educate the community. It offers details between the civilizations and the history of Mecca since the dawn of history until the prosperous present. This Museum was established in Al-Zahir Palace. Museum was established in Al-Zahir Palace.
10. Assalamu Alaika Ayyuha Annabi Museum
Is dedicated to the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and highlights the various key moments in the Prophet’s life. It also shows glimpses from the daily life of the Prophet (PBUH).
Assalamu Alaika Ayyuha Annabi Museum
Mecca Gate
16. Mecca Gate
A landmark on the Mecca Mukkarram road of the Jeddah-Mecca Highway. It is the entrance to Mecca Al Mukarama. The gate signies the boundary of the haram area of the city of Mecca, where non-Muslims are prohibited to enter. The structure is that of a book, representing the Qur’an, sitting on a rehal, or book stand.
17. Namra Mosque
In the second century of Islam, Masjid Nimrah was built at the spot where the Prophet (PBUH) delivered his famous sermon at Waadi Urana, after which he led the salah.
Namra Mosque
Jannat al-Mu’alla
18. Jannat al-Mu’alla
Also known as the Cemetery of Ma’la and Al-Hajun, is a cemetery to the north of the Masjid al-Haram. It is the place where The Prophet’s wife, grandfather, and other ancestors are buried.
19. Mecca Museum
Also known as the Tent City. It is situated 5 kilometres to the east of Makkah Al-Mukarama (Mecca). It covers an area of approximately 20 km². Mina is best known for the role it plays during the Hajj. More than 100,000 air-conditioned tents that can house more than 3 million people provide temporary accommodation to visiting pilgrims.
11. Al Saggaf Palace
One of the largest historical palaces in the country, the Saggaf Palace is a testament to the glorious past of Mecca. The palace is currently fenced off and in a dilapidatedcondition, but onlookers can grasp glimpses of the former glory its ruins evoke.
Al Saggaf Palace
Abraj Al Bait
12. Abraj Al Bait
Also known as, Fairmont Mecca Clock Royal Tower, it is a ver-star hotel located next to the Masjid Al Haram with a prime location as the closest hotel to The Holy Kaaba and the best for Umrah and Hajj. It is one of the world’s tallest buildings with 120 oors and 1542 guest rooms suites and Residences, nine state-of-the-art restaurants, 56 elevators that allow easy access to and from Al Masjid Al Haram.
13. Mecca Library
This library sited on the place where the Prophet (PBUH) was born on Monday 12 Rabi’ Al-Awwal (April 571 ,22 CE), in the Year of the Elephant
Mecca Library
Kiswa Factory
14. Kiswa Factory
Kiswa factory is where visitors can get to see the Kiswa of The Holy Kaaba being made right in front of them. The factory has been making the kiswa of The Holy Kaaba since 1927 AD andhas gone through many upgrades and renovation works over the years. To visit the factory you will need a permit beforehand.
15. Two Holy Mosques Architecture Exhibition
t holds a magnicent array of items that were part of the two Holy Harams in Mecca and Medina at one time, dating as far back as the 10th century (AH). Some of the main pieces are the doors of The Holy Kaaba and the Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina, which have been replaced during renovations and enhancements over the centuries.
Two Holy Mosques Architecture Exhibition
20. Muzdalifah
s an open area near Mecca Al Mukaramah associated with the Hajj. It lies just southeast of Mina on the route between Mina and Arafat. The stay at Muzdalifah is preceded by a day at Arafat, consisting of glorifying Allah, repeating the Supplication, and repentance to Allah and asking Him for forgiveness.
21. Rami al-Jamarat
Stoning of the Devil is part of the Hajj pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah Al Mukaramah (Mecca). During the ritual, Muslim pilgrims throw pebbles at three walls (formerly pillars), called Jamarat, in the city of Mina just east of Makkah Al Mukaramah (Mecca).
Rami al-Jamarat
Al-Safa and Al-Marwah
22. Al-Safa and Al-Marwah
Al-Safa and Al-Marwah are two small hills located in the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah Al-Mukaramah (Mecca), between which pilgrims travel back and forth seven times during the Hajj and Umrah.
23. Mecca Mall
Dedicated to create a vibrant and unique upscale shopping, dining and entertainment environment for the whole family.
Mecca Mall


Transport in the Kingdom: Buses are not equipped to handle wheel-chairs. Disabled pilgrims must ensure that they or their carers have made arrangements with private taxi rms for transportation in the Kingdom, either through your travel agent or though your service provider in the Kingdom.
In general, hotels are not equipped for the disabled, with the exception of some of the top hotels. Again, it is crucial that you check with the hotel before booking, to explain your needs and to ensure they can be met.
The Grand Mosque is well-equipped for the disabled. It has escalators and ramps to enable wheelchairs to move easily from one level to another. Wheel-chairs are provided free of charge in the Grand Mosque but, if you need assistance in pushing your wheel-chair, the pusher will charge for providing this service.


Taking care of the cleanliness of food and drink, and carefully washing vegetables and fruits
Avoiding exposure to the sun for long periods, and staying away from crowded places as much as possible.
Getting enough rest and sleep
Wearing light cotton clothes which are loose and light colored.
Having plenty of liquids on hot days, especially on the Day of ‘Arafah.
Reducing physical exertion by avoiding activities like walking in the market, especially during the times of intense heat
Consulting a doctor as soon as one feels any discomfort or illness
Kaaba, Mecca


Mecca City Guide


  • Mecca Medical Center
  • Heraa General Hospital
  • Al Kholood Hospital
  • King Abdulaziz Hospital
  • Shifa Al Baraka Medical Center
  • Al Rafie Hospital
  • King Faisal Hospital
  • Albayt Medical Center
  • Ajyad Emergency Hospital
  • Al Abeer Medical Center
  • Saudi National Hospital
  • Asian Polyclinic Azizia
  • Mina Al Wadi Hospital
  • Alawi Tunsi Hospital
  • King Abdullah Medical City
  • Al Noor Specialist Hospital
  • Maternity and Children Hospital
  • Security Forces Hospital
  • East Arafat Hospital


  • Water(Masjid al Haram)
  • Water processing plant


  • Mecca Hilton Towers
  • Abraj Al Bait
  • Hotel Pullman ZamZam Mecca
  • Swissotel Mecca
  • Le Meridien Mecca
  • Le Meridien Towers Mecca
  • Cristal Al Aseel Hotel
  • Concorde Mina Hotel
  • Drnef Hotel Mecca


  • Tahweel Al Rajhi
  • Enjaz
  • Mecca Hilton Towers
  • Tahweel Al Rajhi
  • Tahweel Al Rajhi


  • Lockers (Masjid al Haram)


  • Automark Rent a Car
  • Key Rent a Car
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  • Hanco Rent A Car
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  • Jarwal
  • Siafa Dates (Abraj Al Bait)
  • Siafa Dates (Safwa Towers)


  • Saad Aldeen conctionary Dessert
  • Al Multaqa - Seafood
  • Albaik - Fast Food
  • Hyatt Regency International and Arabic
  • Al Ruwad - Middle Eastern
  • Faisalabad Restaurant
    Pakistani, Indian
  • Deyafa Restaurant
    (Abraj Al Bait)International,
    Asian, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian
  • Al Shorfa (Abraj Al Bait) International,
    Mediterranean, Asian, Egyptian
  • Felda D’SajiAsian, Malaysian
  • Simit Sarayi (Abraj Al Bait)Dessert
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