Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you with any possible doubts and questions.

Is my information safe on the website?Expand
Is an online visa the same as E-visa?Expand
Is online visa legal?Expand
How will I come to know if my visa is approved or not?Expand
If I have made a payment, but the portal has not received it, will I get back my money?Expand
What is the processing time for a Saudi visa?Expand
If my visa gets rejected, will I get back my money? In how much time?Expand
Is Saudi Visa valid for other states of Saudi Arabia?Expand
When and how will I get my Saudi visa on my passport?Expand
Does your staff speak only English?Expand
Can I apply for a visa if my passport is still under renewal?Close
Your passport should have a validity of six months if you are planning to travel.
For how much time is a family visa valid?Expand
Can I apply for a multiple entry visa if my passport validity expires before the number of days permitted?Expand
Can I apply for a new passport in the middle of the visa process?Expand
In what currency can I pay the fee for the visa?Expand
Can I make payment in cash?Expand
Are my uploaded documents safe? Expand
Do I need to carry documents while travelling? If so, any list?Expand
Can a tourist apply for a Multiple Entry Visa?Expand
How do I cancel my visa application?Expand
How will I be communicated for the entire process?Expand
Are my debit card/credit card details safe?Expand
How will I receive my Saudi visa?Expand
Is there an option of adding more travellers?Expand
Which nationalities are banned from acquiring a Saudi visa?Expand
Should I submit the required documents only in English?Expand
I will visit a friend in Saudi who has a working visa. What type of visa do I require to see him in Saudi?Expand
Can the valid time be extended? If so, how and what are the charges?Expand
What if I cannot proceed with the visa process on the website?Expand
Is E-visa valid in Saudi Arabia?Expand
Is E-visa valid for all countries or any particular country?Expand
What are the reasons for which a Saudi visa gets rejected?Expand
What type of visa do children require?Expand
Do children require a valid passport?Expand
I require a visit visa on an urgent basis. What will be the processing time?Expand
Can I make changes to my application after applying on the website?Expand
Why should I choose an Insta Saudi visa?Expand
Is travel insurance mandatory?Expand
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