Jeddah Visa

Jeddah: The Bride of the Red Sea

The birthplace of worldwide art, and music and a spot of vibrant culture makes Jeddah an exquisite tourist destination. Uncovered on the coastline of the Red Sea and is the largest city in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah offers a wealth of experiences for travellers seeking an authentic Arabian adventure.

Waterfronts excite people, and this is the fascinating attraction of Jeddah. The Jeddah tourist visa is ideal for getting to know the people and the culture of Jeddah. The roadside stroll within the waterfront gives you the fresh air breather of Jeddah.

Archaic Ceremonies and Al-Balad Lanterns

One of the highlights of Jeddah city is its historic Old Town, Al-Balad. This UNESCO World Heritage site features beautifully preserved traditional architecture, bustling markets, and winding alleyways that transport visitors back in time. Visitors can explore the nearest ancient mosques, visit traditional coffee houses, and marvel at the intricate details of the old buildings. During Ramadan, traditional events and kiosks are spread around the market that is ornated in Rawashin and ancient Mashrabiyas, where Ramadan foods and various conventional and contemporary fun activities are sold. Most vendors cook authentic Ramadan food; tourists can participate in the best of Ramadan in this vibrant city.

For a more modern experience, Jeddah is home to a thriving art culture scene. The city hosts several galleries and museums, including the Sculpture Museum, which showcases the work of renowned Saudi artists. With the Jeddah visa, you can enjoy The annual Jeddah Art Week, held every February, which brings together local and international artists for a week of exhibitions, workshops, and performances.

Jeddah is also an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with various activities available for adventure seekers. The Red sea offers world-class diving and snorkelling opportunities, with colourful coral reefs and abundant marine life. Visitors can also explore the stunning natural landscapes of the nearby Asir Mountain or take a desert safari to discover the unique flora and fauna of the Arabian Peninsula.

Which visa type to choose?

The type of visa you need is determined by the length of your trip and your intended itinerary. If you want to visit Umrah, you must obtain an Umrah visa; otherwise, you can select between a 3-month or a 1-year multiple-entry visa.

  • 1-month single entry Umrah visa
  • 3- month multiple entry visa
  • 1- year Multiple entry visa

While filling out the application form, the two documents that need to be uploaded are;

  • A passport of 6 months, valid from the issue date.
  • A scanned photograph: passport size.

Pay the Jeddah visa cost after filling out the application form with all the genuine details. You will receive your visa in your provided mail id; ensure you give the right one. The processing time for a visa is 24-48 working hours.

Whether you're interested in history, culture, art, or adventure, with its warm hospitality and welcoming atmosphere, Jeddah is the perfect destination for an unforgettable Arabian vacation.

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