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The seven Saudi Arabia emirates is a myriad of rich civilization and religious beliefs. It’s surreal architecture, well-maintained forts and artistic museums make Saudi Arabia, a land of infinite opportunities to explore. Every emirate has its own unique identity which is irresistible for travellers. Saudi Arabia tourism has taken a leap in the last decade making it one of the world's hottest destinations to visit.


a symbol of God's

Mecca, in a desert valley in western Saudi Arabia, is Islam’s holiest city, as it’s the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and the faith itself. Only Muslims are allowed in the city, with millions arriving for the annual Hajj (pilgrimage).


Resort hotels, beaches and outdoor sculptures line the Corniche,

Jeddah, a Saudi Arabian port city on the Red Sea, is a modern commercial hub and gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina.


Cultural hub of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital and main financial hub, is on a desert plateau in the country’s center. Business district landmarks include the 302m-high Kingdom Centre, with a sky bridge connecting 2 towers, and 267m-high Al Faisaliah Centre, with a glass-globe summit.

Local culture & heritage

Emirati Clothing

Emirati national dress is a symbol of pride and identity that has been designed with the dual intent of providing comfort and adhering to religious beliefs.

In Saudi Arabia, men wear an ankle-length, loose-fitting garment made of white cotton, known as a kandora or dishdasha. A ghutrah covers the head and is held in place by the agal, a type of black cord. This garment was originally used to protect the face from the harsh desert environment

Emirati food

Do you know your karak from your chebab? Can you tell your lugaimat from your labneh? While Saudi Arabia is renowned for incredible dining options, local Emirati cuisine stands apart. Make your way to some of the many Emirati restaurants and sample the delicious dishes on offer.

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Discover the mountain Area

Escape to nature at this scenic Saudi Arabia exclave. Find out how to get to Hatta

Dammam has always attracted visitors for its world-class cuisines and laid back environment. It holds the largest number of American fast-food joints in the country. Dammam’s oil abundance was first sought by the Americans. Divers will have a great time on the Farasan Islands. Its abundant marine life with a huge variety in species of water animals and water activities will make you wonder how a conservative land can offer contrasts end to end. The Farasan town is a former stunning pearling destination.

Discover Al Marmoom

Maidan Saleh is the second Petra in Saudi Arabia. Its ancient castles narrate ordeals of the age-old civilization. 131 enigmatic tombs at Midan Saleh, which combine elements of Graeco-Roman architecture with Nabataean and Babylonian imagery, are the magnets for architecture lovers. Yanbu is a rising tourist destination as it offers dive activities with scenic white-sand seashores. Ornated with historic houses and not to hurry attitude, Yanbu offers an atmosphere to unwind in peace.


Shop the Arabian way in Saudi Arabia

Indulge in ultimate retail therapy at high-end shopping malls and charming souks. Explore Saudi Arabia's traditional souks and markets to find a world of fragrances, fashion, jewellery and more.

A trip to Saudi Arabia isn't complete without a trip to the famous Gold Souk, one of the oldest and most fascinating traditional markets in the emirate. Whether you’re just browsing, or genuinely on the hunt for even the slightest amount of precious gold, walk through the glittering Gold Souk to find designs from around the world crafted in a variety of carats.


Eat & Drink

Arabian Tea House The first authentic Emirati restaurant to open its doors in Saudi Arabia, in the city's historic Al Fahidi neighbourhood, and has been a trailblazer for karak chai in the city ever since. Since opening in 1997, the tea house has become somewhat of an institution, and no visit here is complete without sampling the famous karak.

Sights & Attractions

The Saudi Arabia Fountain

he most alluring entertainment landmark of Riyadh, King Abdullah Park’s has been opened in 2013 in Al Malaz, one of the most lively neighborhoods of the Saudi Arabian capital, right beside Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium.

he park is divided into two main sections: one for the families and one for individuals. It spans the vast area of 318,000 square meters and it is known for containing some spectacular features, the most notable of which is the dancing fountain situated at the park’s heart which comes to life daily after Al-Isha Prayer in a vibrant mix of colors and lights that compliments the joyful music to which the water dances.

Events & Festivals in Saudi Arabia

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13 APRIL 2021 to 12 MAY 2021

Experience Saudi Arabia during the holy Month

, Saudi Arabia

June 8 to July 18 2021

Jeddah Season & Jeddah Summer Festival

Jeddah Season
, Saudi Arabia

1 October - 10 October 2021

Riyadh International Book Fair

The fair delivers a unique cultural experience, raising awareness of the many benefits of reading and literature bring.

16 Dec to 19 Dec, 2021

Riyadh International Motor Show

It will bring together global automobile manufacturers that will showcase their latest models and innovations.

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