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Saudi Arabia is home to several historical sites, museums, exquisite malls, exciting beaches, and breathtaking hiking trails. There's something for every age group. The country also has Mecca and Medinah, where pilgrims from across the country come to perform Hajj. Holding religious importance, the country has a rich traditional culture. You can visit this iconic country by filling out the KSA visa application form.

We are travel experts who aim to make traveling hassle-free. So we have created this super-easy visa application form with step-by-step instructions. With only minimum documents, you can receive an online Saudi visa effortlessly. And don't worry; we, too, believe in maximum security regarding personal information. As a result, our website pages are SSL encrypted.

What documents are required to fill out the KSA visa application form?
You only require two documents to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa: a passport-size photograph and a passport valid for six months.

Can I apply for a multiple-entry Umrah visa application?
The e-Umrah Visa is a single entry visa only issued to Muslims to perform Umrah. The validity for the Umrah visa application is 1 month from the issued date. Stay validity is 30 days from the date of entry.

What is the processing time for a KSA visa application form?
The processing time for a KSA visa application form might range from 48-72 working hours.

Can I track the status of my Riyadh visa application?
You can track the status of your Riyadh visa application by going to the 'Track Saudi Visa Application' page. You only need to enter your reference number. You will be directed to the page containing your visa application status.

Is it possible to submit the Jeddah application form online?
You can visit Jeddah using a valid Saudi visa. You can submit the Saudi Visa Application Form provided below. Straightforward, the form is easy and quick for any first-time user.

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